Widget that monitors the value of a parameter and appears whenever it change to display its value.

class UIParamHint : UIBufferedElementPBR , IParameterListener {
double fadeinDuration;
double fadeoutDuration;
double holdDuration;
float textSizePx;
RGBA holeDiffuse;
RGBA textDiffuseLow;
RGBA textDiffuseHigh;
RGBA diffuseLow;
RGBA diffuseHigh;
RGBA material;
RGBA plasticMaterial;
float plasticAlpha;
ushort depthLow;
ushort depthHigh;


A destructor is present on this object, but not explicitly documented in the source.

Inherited Members

From UIBufferedElementPBR

void onDrawBufferedPBR(ImageRef!RGBA diffuseMap, ImageRef!L16 depthMap, ImageRef!RGBA materialMap, ImageRef!L8 diffuseOpacity, ImageRef!L8 depthOpacity, ImageRef!L8 materialOpacity)

Redraws the whole widget without consideration for drawing only in dirty rects. That is a lot of maps to fill. On the plus side, this happen quite infrequently.

From IParameterListener

void onParameterChanged(Parameter sender)

Called when a parameter value was changed, from an UI control or through the host. You'll probably want to call setDirtyWhole() or setDirty() in it to make the graphics respond to host changing a parameter.

void onBeginParameterEdit(Parameter sender)

Called when a parameter value _starts_ being changed due to an UI element.

void onEndParameterEdit(Parameter sender)

Called when a parameter value _stops_ being changed.